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The future of humanity can go one of three ways:

1. We annihilate ourselves and go extinct

2. We continue to muddle along

3. We learn to live forever and fix everything


This is a book about option three. It is based on science we have today and numbers that work. It offers a vision of how we make a future in which today's global problems get solved. 

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"James has a long record of doing the seemingly impossible and making hard things look easy all while performing the task flawlessly. I met James as an inventor and innovator more than 30 years ago through my brother, a NASA engineer. James is not just an information science professional but a successful tool maker in industry and academia. He makes technical issues transparent and achievable."


PhD Neuroscientist

"Instead of thinking “outside the box” James thinks “beyond the box”. Over the last twenty years, I’ve worked with and profited from his experience in software and tech hardware, and his perspectives on the world and humanity at large. Read this book. It’s one you will find yourself picking back up again and again. James has leapt into our possible near future by asking the questions we all should ask and detailing answers that are doable. Instead of settling for a future of misery that will appear if we do nothing, James has brought a compelling solution to ALL the world’s problems in one fell swoop."


Business Executive 

“James is the best positive thinker and problem-solver ever. He and I have been friends for nearly two decades, and if he can’t fix something, it simply can’t be fixed. There are a multitude of ideas in his book for how to resolve the most serious crises and problems of the world affecting us as individuals, communities, and as a species. Not only does he present the reader with solutions, he provides a practical and clear path forward. ”





"James has a rare combination of gifts: a clear, curious, and creative mind, a deep caring about the world, and a powerful desire to optimize inner and outer experiences for all of us. His mind goes toward solving problems that we feel the effects of but often can’t put our finger on and feel helpless to solve. He crafts solid solutions and enthusiastically invites others to join him in the effort. He inspires me and expands my sense of the possibilities for the future of humanity, as well as for my own life. James brings his best self to the ideas and writing in this book. It reads like a thriller. What critical, massive problem is he going to tackle next?"

About the Author





James Baker is an inventor, technology entrepreneur, and self-taught engineer living in Seattle, Washington. He holds more than two dozen patents and has designed and marketed over 120 products, including biomedical devices, GPS trackers, video games, and a flight control system. A do-it-yourselfer from early childhood, James has been figuring out how things work and fixing problems for over sixty years.


Excerpts from the Book.

After you read this book, where you previously saw intractable problems, you will now see practical possibilities. Where you previously imagined problems to be tightly wound knots, impossible to detangle, now you will see solutions.

The future

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that the future is an unimaginable void. The future is only unimaginable if you lack imagination! Lack of imagination is the greatest impediment to a positive future. To an unprecedented degree, the future is what we collectively imagine and choose. Individually, we know this, especially in terms of not destroying our place in the natural world, but as a society, we act like we don’t have a clue. 

A Vision

Historians will look back on this period as the preindustrial age of emotional well-being, when only a select few lived fulfilled lives as human beings. What will it take to make a world where most of us are so privileged? Mostly imagination, some effort, some perspiration, but probably less than you think. 

Money Matters

Can a new money system fix inflation, deflation, fluctuating foreign exchange rates, bubbles, and gyrations of the business cycle? Can we reverse the tendency of money to intrude into areas where it doesn’t truly serve human needs? Can we develop better behavior than what we currently think of as good customer service or paying on time? I think we can. 

Our health

Toxins that accumulate to harmful levels over the course of 150 years don’t cause acute problems in today’s population. With a longer life expectancy, we will want to eat cleaner foods and drink cleaner liquids—cleaner in terms of both avoiding undesired substances, including organisms such as bacteria and the genetics of the organisms we consume.

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